Tartuffe, Tartufo, The Impostor- Una experiencia inolvidable

This January I had the honor of playing Elmire in Moliere’s Tartuffe or, as we performed it, Tartufo. It was an incredible experience–one of those times you want to pinch yourself and thank your lucky stars.Why was it so special, you might ask.  Well,  I had a protagonist role in a French play written by one of the world’s most renowned playwright’s, Moliere. Moreover,  I acted in my mother tongue, Spanish, all the while performing in the United States. How crazy and amazing is that?! Having grown up in all three countries, I consider myself, one third Venezuelan, one third American and one third French. So how could I not but rejoice in the process and soak it all in? A special thank you to our directors: Adela Romero and Julio Bouley. Adela, this production would not have been possible without your perseverance, faith, determination and leadership. Julio, it was a real pleasure to get to work with such a gifted actor. You made our Tartufo mischievous, brilliantly hilarious and the ultimate hypocrite. You elevated all of our performances and I hope to get to work with you again. To the rest of my dear and talented cast– Mabel Leyva, Santi Sierra, Gloria Cornejo, Miriam Casco, Carlos Rivero and Engie Camila Rodriguez– what a ride my friends! I feel blessed to have met every single one of you. Thank you for sharing your gifts, countless hours, laughter and for making this such an unforgettable experience both on and off stage. Esto se tiene que repetir! Besos a todos.