I’m Valentina Izarra and as an actor and TV host I love the entire process of my craft. Sometimes life gives you that exuberant feeling of knowing with every fiber of your being that you are exactly where you need to be. That’s what I feel when I am memorizing a script, rehearsing, or performing.


Life’s journey can be unpredictable and wild. In my case, I got two business degrees and a journalism minor before I gathered enough courage to admit to myself that all I wanted to do was perform and work in the entertainment industry. Currently, I couldn’t be more thrilled because this is where I intend to stay.


Ask me and I’ll tell you: I consider myself an international citizen. I grew up in Venezuela, the United States and France—hence my passion for travel, languages and cultures. Moving from one country to another every couple of years definitely had its challenges, but looking back now, I wouldn’t change my childhood experiences for the world. It opened up my eyes to the beauty of cultural diversity in art, music, architecture and gastronomy. It is also because of these experiences that I am fortunate enough to speak three languages fluently—English, Spanish and French—and also why I have the uncanny ability to imitate and learn different accents easily.


My career in the entertainment industry has been a magnificent ride and I am very grateful. This past year has been especially exciting since the launch of my podcast thru my digital platform Mamas Con Ganas. The intent in all my podcast episodes in to provide bilingual content that is positive and inspirational. Check it out here or look for it on iTunes: Mamas Con Ganas Podcast.


For over a decade now I have been blessed to work professionally as an actress in theatre, independent films, commercials and TV. I am also an avid ballroom dancer and you will find me rehearsing weekly on my Rumba, Chacha, Salsa, Mambo, Jive, Samba and Tango moves.


In 2014, The New Times named me Best Actress of Broward and West Palm for my performance as the lead in Kutumba Theatre Project’s Julie Johnson. That same year I was also awarded the Silver Palm Award as Best Ensemble in a Play for my role as Linda Rotunda in Alliance Theatre Lab’s Savage In Limbo and received a Carbonell Award nomination in the same category.


Currently I am based in Miami, the Mecca for Latin talent, but travel back and forth to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Montreal, and New York.


My hope is to be acting and dancing until I turn 100. It is what reminds me that we are all connected. No matter the language we speak, our gender, culture, religion—you name it—we are all the same at the core and our experiences of love and suffering are linked. So let’s spread the love!